What’s next?

After taking two classes on technology with emphasis on Web 2.0 technologies, I have enrolled full-time and am working toward my masters of education in learning and technology. I hope to some day become the technology coordinator for my school district.

Reading through my old posts, I realize that technology is changing so quickly as some of the new innovations are already being phased out. Google Reader has been dropped and RSS feeds are on a decline.

Some innovations that teachers can use include: Webquests, blogs, wikis, real time lessons (Skype), learning platforms (Edmodo, Mybigcampus, blackboard), video archives (Youtube, NROC, NBCLearn), online curricula (Myhippocampus), learning websites, cloud services, Social bookmarks, etc.

There is a twofold need for the technology coordinator as far as teaching. There is the teaching of the technology so that staff understands how to use it as well as students and the teaching of subject content through new technologies. Both are important.

In addition to these two main areas, keeping good records and budgeting along with building relationships will keep me busy. This is a task I feel I am already up for and with the completion of my degree will be even better prepared.



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