Web Applications

Will I ever purchase Microsoft Office again?  This is a question I now ponder because these applications are available online.  If I find myself somewhere away from my home computer I can go to live.com and log in to access not only my documents that are saved in a cloud (online server), but have the ability to use the actual microsoft office programs.  The ease of use is simple due to most already having used these programs.  The only downside is accessibility if the serve goes offline for any reason.  One can save a hard copy or a backup but the programs may not respond as quickly as needed.  The benefits outweight the negatives especially since it is free.



One thought on “Web Applications

  1. I agree, Brad. We have all these cloud options today! Google docs also provide this free service. And I am sure there are others. My concern always centers on the reliability of the server as well. We just assume the server will always be working. As a culture, we are relying more and more that wifi and servers will always be available. (Kinda scary when you think that the first think to stop working during 9-11 were the cell phones. What wifi even an option then?) Different times we are living in and our students will know nothing different. I also wonder if printers will become as antiqued as the record player with all this online storage. It will be interesting to see what is ahead!

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