Paperless Classroom

No stacks of papers to transport that have been who knows where.  “I don’t have a pencil.”  These problems will become something of the past with the embracing of a paperless class.  Coming in the not too far future.

This will be a shift in the teacher’s role. The teacher becomes a facilitator and the students produce a product.  Students would no longer fill out worksheets or take home papers destined for the trash can.

Will learning be affected?  Students become more engaged in research and have to become active participants.  This leads to higher level thinking and creativity.  By being product driven instead of regurgitating facts, interest and participation should increase.

Learning would become measured due to the contributions of the student online.  This could be participating in chat room discussions, input into a wiki or blog, or an artifact created by the student.

Bring in experts from around the world.  The learning network could be broadened to include people outside the student’s immediate vicinity.  The Internet is truly the gate to the world.  Posting a working document online where others can contribute to it makes the possibilities endless as to who has access.



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