Skype in the Classroom

Imagine a professional athlete video conferencing with a class of physical education students.  How excited and engaged would that class be?  Well this is possible with the technology afforded in the free application, Skype.  Skype is a video conferencing tool over the Internet that allows people to connect from anywhere in the world to anywhere else as long as there is  an Internet connection.  The uses of Skype in the classroom can bring experts into the classroom with some advanced planning.

The website has some examples of how Skype can be used in the classroom.  As long as some groundrules are laid and followed, this can be a beneficial tool.  There is also a recording function that can allow the teacher to save the conversation to show it at a later date or to another class.

As long as the school’s acceptable use policy allows Skype, it should be checked out.

Brad J


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