Student Blogging

As we move forward and integrate more reading and writing into all disciplines, I see blogging as a logical step to allow for this and not deplete the physical activity portion of my class.  With student’s having access to the Internet, they can maintain contact and motivate each other. 

I see multiple activities being available by blogging:  Fitness logs, Health concepts, and debate on gimmicks and other health industry items. 

One example I found of an asignment I would change for students is the Web research of posting favorite sites that have a related topic, in this instance Fitness. Who is your favorite fitness blogger?  This is a great way to pull a bunch of resources together quickly. 

This site quickly becomes a site where finding other links allows students to find specific interests to stay motivated and interested in physical education.  Kettle Bells is a link to a site from the above list that integrates with a unit I do in my class.  Here students can see other people’s views on how to do the exercises and that I’m not just trying to torture them.





One thought on “Student Blogging

  1. Ha ha, Brad, this is great link to a neat exercise tool! We know you’re not trying to hurt students…maybe, as you suggest, they’ll believe the expert at this site?!

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