Still in my infancy of becoming knowlegeable in the tools available on the web, I am becoming familiar with Wikis.  I am currently part of two Wikis for two college classes I am taking.  A Wiki is a “living” document that can be edited by all members of a group.  I’m finding that my organization may be different than someone else’s organization. This can create problems when we try to have flow in a group Wiki.  Depending on how specific that goal is for a Wiki can also determine which direction the Wiki will go.  Currently my group’s Wiki on how to use Youtube in teaching is evolving.  There is so much information on the web that paring it down is hard.  I have found several sites like Youtube that have potential to help me become a better teacher that this assignment has been beneficial for me.

I’ve always been skeptical of Wikipedia due to how people can edit it.  Although there are still areas of concern, it can be a great starting point for research.  Facts should be verified by other sources though.  I’ve changed my opinion and believe Wikipedia can be a valuable resource.

I haven’t brought up using Wikis in my class but am working on ways I can have students use them in my class.  This may be as simple as collaborating on researching various sports.  I believe Wikis will be well received by both my administration and my students.



Social Bookmarking

What a time saver!  I’ve never been the most organized person but organization is where it is at.  Using social bookmarking sites such as, I can quickly search by key terms and link my lessons with other people’s resources.  I can have students compile a treasure trove of information on a given subject and have them link them together using a common key word that is unique to the class.  This can lead to my grouping lessons and saving time along with the students saving time and staying engaged.

By sharing with other professionals in my subject areas, I can become a better teacher by using resources others have found.  Why reinvent the wheel when it is right there for the taking?  It will take some time initially to organize the links and to evaluate and make sure the links are valid but that is a small price to pay for a great resource.




I’ve known about this button for a few years but never knew how it would help me out.  Now due to a class I am taking, I have begun using this resource to subscribe to information I feel will be useful to me.  I don’t have to do a search every time I want to find something out.  In the past I would go like clockwork to various sites to read what people had posted.  Now, that information comes to me through Google Reader.  This is going to save me time. 

I can also use this through my class as students can compile a list of resources that are constantly being updated.  They will be able to read what other students are doing on a day to day basis by subscribing to feeds of other students or classes that are similar to theirs.

Possibilities are endless.


Student Blogging

As we move forward and integrate more reading and writing into all disciplines, I see blogging as a logical step to allow for this and not deplete the physical activity portion of my class.  With student’s having access to the Internet, they can maintain contact and motivate each other. 

I see multiple activities being available by blogging:  Fitness logs, Health concepts, and debate on gimmicks and other health industry items. 

One example I found of an asignment I would change for students is the Web research of posting favorite sites that have a related topic, in this instance Fitness. Who is your favorite fitness blogger?  This is a great way to pull a bunch of resources together quickly. 

This site quickly becomes a site where finding other links allows students to find specific interests to stay motivated and interested in physical education.  Kettle Bells is a link to a site from the above list that integrates with a unit I do in my class.  Here students can see other people’s views on how to do the exercises and that I’m not just trying to torture them.




Technology and the Future of Physical Education

.   I want to incorporate technology with my students so they can relate to physical education outside of the classroom.  So much of life revolves around your health. I see technology as becoming a clearinghouse for students to visit my blog and find some activity they are interested in and will enjoy once they are out of my class.

Not only are there specific activities for students to check out but there are many resources to help students be motivated, and keep track of their progress of health.

A short video that shows that student’s motivation has changed  from not so long ago is Student Motivation according to Teachers

A free online fitness log.  I haven’t used this site, so I’m not familiar with it. Shapelink

Hope this is a starting point for helping people become aware of how to take care of their health.


Mr. Jones